Using A Shortcut To Get Your Mac Ready For a Presentation

There are many things you may need to remember to do before starting an online or in-person presentation on your Mac. But creating your own custom Shortcut, you can avoid forgetting to do something like quit apps, set the volume, turn on a Focus mode and change your wallpaper. You can also have it launch your presentation or website automatically.

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    2 years ago

    Thanks, This looks useful—I’ll give it a go.

    Could also use a Run Shell Script to hide desktop clutter and put it back afterwards, with the +90 minutes trick that you turn off Focus with.

    2 years ago

    hello Gary,

    I tried this and it didn't work. It set the Notification & open Zoom and stopped there. So I removed the other apps to see if it would go further and still didn't work.

    2 years ago

    JL: I'm showing a lot of different thing you can use in this video. What, exactly, didn't work?

    Claudio Silvaggi
    2 years ago

    Hey brother you make it look so easy... Awesome ... I've just recently started using shortcuts thanks to you... Quick question... Searched everywhere for the answer, I created a shortcut Called "Birth Data" so when I tell Siri "Birth Data" it just simply types it out..

    1. Date of Birth
    2. Time of Birth
    3. City Born

    When I'm in an email or FB for example, I launch the "Birth Data" by voice she says done...
    But nothing happens..
    Hope you can help

    2 years ago

    Claudio: I don't really understand what your Shortcut does. Where does the data come from? You'll have to debug it to figure out why it isn't working in some situations. Try simplifying it to test out other Shortcuts in similar situations.

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