Using Animated GIFs In Keynote Presentations

Many people don't realize that you can use animated GIF images in Keynote presentations without doing anything special. You can just drag and drop them straight from a website or file. You can then set them to loop, start immediately and even trim the animation.
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So if you work on presentations you know that one of the challenges is getting good graphics to go with the words. When you're putting together a presentation like this one you need to find something to go here. Right. A picture. So you may look through clipart selections and all sorts of things. One of the things that you can use, but a lot of people don't realize, is GIFs or Gifs if you prefer. Of course these animated little graphics are now used throughout Messaging and Facebook and everything and people use them to respond to things with emotion. You can find plenty of free stuff online.

But what a lot of people don't know is you can drag and drop those into Keynote and use them. So let's go ahead and take a look here. I'm going to go look at the site GIPHY, or Giphy, which is just basically a huge archive of all sorts of different GIFs and you can just search for things. So just like with searching any clipart collection you can, of course, search for something that fits what you are talking about. So this is talking about planning your best route for traffic so let's search for traffic.

So actually traffic jam search here brings all sorts of images up and we could basically just drag and drop any one of these that looks good into it. Let's go ahead and use this one here and I'm going to drag it. You can drag it right into the little place holder here. Now that I've got it in there I can go to the Format sidebar here and go to Movie and I can set some things. I can set it to Loop. I can set it to Start Movie on Click or not. I can have it loop back and forth or continuous or not loop at all. I can also trim it. So if there's something at the beginning or end that I don't want to see I can cut that out without having to edit the video.

So when I play this you can see since I didn't have it set to click it just plays automatically. So I get a nice animated graphic. Now the legality of using graphics you find online is a whole other story. But I'm going to assume that you're going to take care of that or use public domain things or maybe you're just presenting this for fun and you don't care about the legalities of it.

Let's go and look at some others. So you don't have to have the place holder there at all. You can just have a blank slide like that and it will still work. So let's go back to Safari here and I have another tab where I did a search for sleep. So you can find something cute here having to do with sleep. That's a good one right there. So we'll go into that. There's that image. I can drag that in and that inserts just fine as well. I can scale it up a little bit to fit. Maybe this will be Don't Repeat and Start Right Away. So when you get to this slide you just get this and then it freezes on the last frame. I can even customize the last frame if I want by trimming here.

Then here's the last one here. We can go in and say do a search for paperwork. You know you can grab a n animated GIF that has some fun paperwork stuff. Here we go. That's a good one. You can drag that in to this area as well. So it's real easy to be able to use animated GIFs in your presentations. They certainly add a lot more flare. A lot of people just don't realize that you can use them. So go ahead and drag and drop and place them inside. They just appear in these cool videos that you can now work with inside of Keynote.

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