MacMost Now 932: Using Audio In Keynote

There are several ways you can incorporate sounds and music into your Keynote presentations. You can add a background soundtrack that will play over the entire presentation. You can also add a sound for a single frame. If you set up this sound correctly, you can control the sound in the frame as well.

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    11 years ago

    Will the new Keynotes allow me to carry an individual sound from one slide to another?

      11 years ago

      Haven't looked into that yet. Try it and tell us.

        Charles J
        11 years ago

        Gary, I have been using Keynote for our weekly announcements at my church for a few years now. My MacBook is an input to our video and audio system. I use a music soundtrack that plays (looping) throughout the presentation and individual soundtracks on each slide for the various announcements. You have to balance the sound levels so the soundtrack doesn't overpower the announcement but it works out great. Your site is great and helped a lot when I converted to a Mac. Thanks I've learned so much.

    David Galvin
    10 years ago

    Gary, I just installed Keynote '13, and it seems I've lost the ability to control the inserted audio clips once the slideshow starts. I can insert an action to start/stop the clip, but I can no longer pause/unpause the clip as in Keynote '09. Have you been able to get the audio controls to show in Keynote '13? Video controls display, but not audio. The issue exists even when using my Mac remote control.

      10 years ago

      Keynote 5 is a whole new app. I'm not surprised that this May have changed.

    Claire Gehrett
    10 years ago

    I highly recommend the video provided by MacMost and Gary. His instructions are very quick and concise. Extremely helpful to me.

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