Using Highlights and Notes In iBooks

You can highlight text in iBooks and add notes for each highlight. These can be used as study guides or simply reminders. Highlights and notes in iBooks textbooks will be added to the flash card study function as cards. You can also export the highlighted text using copy and paste. They also sync across your devices using iCloud.

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    10 years ago

    Gary, I have about 7 e-books in KINDLE on my iMac. I bought these books from Amazon.
    I did NOT know I had iBook on my iMac running Mavericks (10.9.4). Two questions:

    (1) Can I export these 7 books from KINDLE to iBook on my iMac, as iBook seems more powerful than Kindle ... ???
    (2) If I buy more books at Amazon, can I designate iBook, instead of Kindle, as the download host ... ???

      10 years ago

      1. No. They are most likely locked (copy protected) so you need the Kindle app to view them.
      2. No. They are competing stores. Things you buy from Amazon are for the Kindle app and thing you buy from Apple are for the iBooks app. If you purchased an eBook or PDF file from another source, you can drag that into iBooks to read it, though. I suppose some Amazon books could be available in ePub or PDF format, but I'm not sure.

        10 years ago

        Thanks for answering my 2 questions. You da man ... !!!!

      10 years ago

      If your e-book is not copy protected, open-source software Calibre ( can convert it to PDF. There are a couple of DRM removal software tools with free trials, but I'm not sure if that infringes on any licensing agreements. It's probably best to enjoy your Kindle Reader for Amazon books, and use iBooks for Apple's content and other PDF files.

    Kerrie Redgate
    10 years ago

    Once again, great information, Gary. I had no idea these things were possible in iBooks. Love the way you demystify the Mac for me, as I had spent 20 years on Windows, so Apple is new and wondrous territory and I don't always easily discover features. Many thanks!

    Michael Becker
    10 years ago

    I foolishly purchased a textbook from Amazon/Kindle which I needed to use in a court report verbatim, but to my distress I discovered electronic books from Amazon can't be printed; I had to buy the actual book and you can me sure I didn't get it from Amazon!

    I know with Kindle I can highlight some of the text but is there anyway to print A greater volume such as two or three pages and a copy of the cover?
    Gary, you have done me a world of good with the clarity of your instructions, THANKS!

      10 years ago

      Probably has to do with the license between Amazon and the publisher. But I can understand why they would restrict printing. It is against copyright law to copy printed books, so why not electronic books? And so, why would they enable a print function?
      For three pages, I would imagine screen capture and printing the images in an option. But it would be kind of odd to thwart copyright protection to present something in a court of law.
      This is a case where a printed copy is needed, or simply a portable device (MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, etc). With Amazon Kindle books you could have loaded the book up on any device, which is an even better solution than printing.

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