Using Hyperlinks To Create Complex Presentations In Keynote

You can use text hyperlinks to create complex navigation between slides in Keynote. In this example, we'll create a quiz that links answers to different slides. You can export this type of presentation as HTML, or use it in Keynote with settings to lock out other types of navigation.
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Hi this is Gary with Let's take a look at using Hyperlinks to create interactive presentations in Keynote.

I'm using Keynote 6 here and I'm going to show you how to use hyperlinks to basically build an interactive presentation rather than just a series of slides that you go through.

So let me pre-populate this with some slides. Now I've got a bunch of slides and I want to make it so that instead of hitting spacebar, forward arrow, or clicking to the next slide you actually have to click a hyperlink.

So to go from slide 1 and slide 2 I want there to be a hyperlink on this piece of text right here. You can do this many ways. I always like to use control click because if I can't remember how to effect an element using something it is usually in the context menu. But you can also go to Format/Add Link and then find out there is a handy keyboard shortcut, Command K, which we will use from now on.

I will add this link here and then I can link to various different things. I can do a Slide, Webpage, open up a new Email message.

So let's go to a Slide here and I will go to slide number 2. This is the text that appears in it. So now when I run this presentation I can see that I've got a hyperlink here, let me switch to the main presentation, I've got a hyperlink there I can click on and it goes to the next slide. Perfect.

So now let's wire up some of this stuff here. Obviously the correct answer here is Mercury. I'm going to use Command K and say this is going to go to slide 3 which is the slide that says you've got it right. Then I'm going to click on some of these other ones and assign go to slide 4 for incorrect. I'm going to do that for each one of these. So now when I play and I hit one of these it will go to the incorrect screen when I play and hit one. This one here is correct so it will go to the correct screen which is exactly what I want.

Now I want to wire up these right here and maybe add another piece of text for Continue and this should go to slide number 5. So add slide number 5 which should be the next question here, make sure it is after that, then this continue button here will go to slide 5 and I can actually just copy this. Makes it a little difficult when it is all hyperlink like that. There we go. Copy and then paste it in here.

Now I have the correct link here that goes to both of these. Goes to slide 5. Now you can go through the whole sequence. Click Start. Correct answer. Continue and go to that blank slide there which could be the next question or it could loop back to the beginning if I want.

You don't just have to use text. You can use shapes for these. So I can create like a button here and of course shapes can have text inside them and then I can select the entire shape, control click on it or use Command K, and add the link there to do the same thing. So instead of just using text, I can create a nice button.

Now if I'm going to do this type of thing I want to go to Setup here and change the presentation type to Hyperlinks Only. So now what will happen is when I play, let me start here on slide 1, when I play I will end up not being able to use the forward arrow or spacebar or clicking to do anything, I can only use this to advance the slide or change them in any way.

So I've actually created a small interactive program and I can even set things like Restart show if idle for. So if I set this up at a kiosk at a conference or something like that on an expo floor I can have it after two minutes if nobody does anything it just goes back to the beginning there. So it can basically be a cute little trivia question thing here that just plays over and over again.

Now for something really cool notice that you can use this to create a section of your website. You can export this as HTML and it will then save it out, I've got it here under quiz, and it actually plays in the web browser. This uses HTML so no special plugins or anything like that. You can create something really simply and then use one of these hyperlinks, say at the end, to link to another webpage. So you can go through a quiz and then at the end you hit Done and it jumps to your main webpage or some other webpages as a reward for finishing the quiz.

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    Joel Anderson
    5 years ago

    Once again, Gary, you’ve shown something I didn’t even know was there. Thanks!

    5 years ago

    Gary this is brilliant I can make a link into a web site but how do I get back again

      5 years ago

      If you are linking out to a Web site, then you are now using a different app. To get back to Keynote while presenting, just Command+Tab to switch back to Keynote.

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