Using iBooks Bookmarks

You can use bookmarks in iBooks on your Mac or iOS devices to remember specific pages in the books you are reading. You can add as many bookmarks as you like, see them in a list, and easily jump to those pages or remove the bookmarks. Bookmarks will sync between your devices as long as you have your settings on all devices configured correctly.
Video Transcript / Captions
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Let's take a look at using Bookmarks in iBooks. We'll start off on the Mac. We'll go into a book here and you can flip through the pages. I'm using the arrow keys to do it. When you want to add a bookmark, say you're at a place where you want to stop and you want to make sure, even though the app will open up again to this page, you want to make sure that you can remember exactly what page you are on. You can just hit this little bookmark button here. Just click it and you can see it turns red. That adds a bookmark to that page.

Now you can add multiple bookmarks. So let's go to the Table of Contents and jump to another chapter. Let's set a bookmark there. Then I'll go to the Table of Contents again and let's flip a few pages and add a bookmark there. Notice how the top bar there disappears until I move my cursor there. So now I've added three bookmarks. You can actually click this little down arrow here to show your bookmarks and jump to anyone of them. So I can jump to it like that.

Now you can also remove bookmarks. Just when you're at a page with a bookmark you'll see that the bookmark icon is red. Click it again and it disappears. Now you'll see it's gone from the list. Also when you click on the list of bookmarks here notice the little x that appears. So I can click on that to remove the bookmark right there from the list.

Now on iOS it's similar but a little bit different. So here I am in iBooks on my iPad. I'm going to go into the same book and I can do the same thing by tapping on the bookmark at the upper right. You can see now it's just a blue outline. When I tap it, it turns red. That's how you add a bookmark. You can flip through and add another one. I can tap again to remove.

Now in order to see the list I have to tap on the little list icon at the upper left. This actually divides everything up into Contents, Bookmarks, and Notes. So I have to go over to Bookmarks. Now notice, in addition to the one I just added, there's also the two bookmarks I've added on my Mac. That's because I've got it set so that iCloud syncs the bookmarks between my Mac and my iPad.

Another way to remove bookmarks on your iOS device is to swipe from right to left and you get that Delete button there. So I can swipe and hit the Delete button or continue to swipe all the way across and it deletes very quickly and easily.

So in order for your bookmarks to sync across your devices you have to have it turned on in your iCloud settings. In the case of the iPad I have to have iBooks turned on in iCloud settings and then under iBooks I have to make sure that the Sync Bookmarks and Notes option is turned on. Then here in iBooks I need to go to iBooks Preferences and under General I've got to make sure Sync Bookmarks, Highlights, and Collections across devices, make sure that is turned on as well. Then everything should sync. So every time I add a bookmark on one device it appears on the other.