Using Keynote Magic Move

Magic Move allows you to create custom animated transitions between slides. Elements will smoothly move from their positions on one slide to their positions on the next. You can use this to emphasize objects or create a flow between slides instead of jumping between completely different screens. You can animate images and other objects, and also create special effects between the words or characters in text boxes.

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    Erik Lorenz Petersen
    9 years ago

    Great video, and thanks for using nice images from Copenhagen :-)

    8 years ago

    Hi Gary Rosenzweig!
    I wonder how to create the same effect as "magic move by character" with version '9 of Keynote ... by any chance do you know how to do that?
    thank you very much for your help :)

      8 years ago

      Not sure. Try it the same way. If the option isn't there, then I guess you'll need to upgrade to use this transition.

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