Using Quick Notes Linked To Safari Web Pages

When you create Quick Note in Safari in macOS Monterey it should maintain a link to that web page and allow you to return to that note the next time you visit that page. This could be useful, but the feature is a bit buggy.

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    Razvan Mihai
    3 years ago

    Fn-Q is a time-saver, albeit this is just an automation of the steps: Open Notes App, Open New Note in a particular Folder (e.g., Quick Notes), Float Note on Top, Close Main Notes App.

    Is there any keyboard shortcut for "Add a link," or would it be possible to create one? I looked into the Help menu, but the "Add Link..." under Edit seems to be doing something different.

    3 years ago

    Razvan: I don't see one. You may want to suggest that to Apple.

    3 years ago

    I don't see any action button at the end of the address bar in Safari. I am using Monterey12.0.1


    3 years ago

    Fran: In Safari, Preferences, Tabs, switch to Compact Tabs. Or, just use the keyboard shortcut or bottom right corner.

    Joel Anderson
    3 years ago

    I see that it misbehaves a bit in Safari. My bigger disappointment is trying to use it to attach notes to any particular email.

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