Using Safari Private Windows To Log In With Multiple Accounts

If you need to log into two different accounts at the same website at the same time, you can use Safari's Private windows. Each private window acts like a separate browser so the two accounts won't interfere with each other. This is useful for managing multiple social media accounts, checking multiple bank statements or web-based email accounts at the same time, and other uses.

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    Douglas Brace
    8 years ago

    I use this functionality in Google Chrome all the time. Also, if someone is using Google Chrome instead of Safari, it is possible to use different "People". With different "People", your settings, extensions, apps, and browsing history data and all separate from each other.

    8 years ago

    I use this procedure to log into a different gmail account
    than the one in my normal safari window. If we donā€™t mind
    clicking between tabs, we can open as many gmail or twitter
    accounts into separate private window tabs.

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