MacMost Now 644: Using the Dictionary App To Learn About Your Mac

The Dictionary app in your Applications folder can not only tell you the definitions of regular words, but it also contains a special Apple dictionary to help you understand your Mac. You can look up Mac-related terms and get quick definitions. You can also use its Wikipedia function to get even more detailed information about technology.

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    12 years ago

    Hi Gary, I've just watched 644 and tried it out on my iMac which runs on 10.6.8
    My preferences only gives me Apple and Wikipedia not Thesaurus or Dictionary.
    Any ideas?. Love your videos and learn lots from them


      12 years ago

      So you don't have any regular dictionary at all? Or is it just there by default? Not easy for me to check out something with Snow Leopard.

        12 years ago

        No regular dictionary. Tried it on my MacBook Pro which also runs on 10.6.8
        and all options are there! Dictionary, thesaurus, Apple etc.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    12 years ago

    I have the Snow Leopard iMac 10.6.8 and it has them all. To tell you the truth i have not even used it, because i have Answer`s in the Widgets. I find it better than the Dictionary because you can type in Borgia,and it comes up with the spelling,plus the history of the Borgia`s. I just came off the internet to have a look at the Dictionary. Thats how i can say it`s better than the Dictionary, and it`s in a handy place.

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