Using the Dock

The Mac OS X Dock is a handy device for launching applications and accessing important folders and files. You can customize the look and location of the Dock. You can add apps to the Dock, and also files and folders. Folders in the Dock are called Stacks and you can customize those to easily access the content in them.

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    10 years ago

    I just bought your TUTORIAL for MAVERICKS. It has a lesson on USING THE DOCK.

    I presume the two lessons over-lap. I will now compare them. Thanks for the free-bie ... ((<: }

    tony kent
    10 years ago

    love your tutorials
    i am running mavericks with 3 monitors and sometimes the dock jumps from my mail monitor to another .
    Is there a way to lock it on my central monitor. stay blessed. tony

      10 years ago

      The Dock will move to another display if you are doing something in that display and you move the cursor to the bottom and hold it there. You can move it back the same way. If you don't want that feature, turn off "Displays have separate Spaces" in Mission Control settings. But you also lose other handy multi-display features if you turn that off. Try it to see if you like it better.

    10 years ago

    For some reason my dock will not disappear when I click on something full size. I know there is an option for turning "Hiding On", but that is not what I was looking for. I am not sure what setting got messed up. How can I get it to disappear when in full screen?

      10 years ago

      The Dock should disappear when you are in full screen mode in an app. It will reappear if you swipe down at the bottom of the screen. No way for me to tell why yours isn't behaving like that.

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