Using the iOS 8 Share and Actions Button

Many apps in iOS 8 created by Apple and third parties have a share button. You can use this button to share what you are currently viewing, such as a web page, photo or other information. You can customize which options appear available for sharing. You can also perform other actions with the content depending on what is available for the app you are using, and which other apps you have installed that will work with it.

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    9 years ago

    I have a problem in iOS Numbers when trying to import spreadsheets from Dropbox. When I tap on the + icon, I get options such as iCloud drive, OneDrive and the More option. When I tap on the more option, it then shows Manage locations for Dropbox and OneDrive with an on/off switch however with Dropbox switched on it still won't display in the + options list. This seems to be a bug.

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