Using Twitter Without a Twitter Account

You can use the popular Twitter site even if you don't have an account. Without an account you can still see messages posted publicly by others, and search for hashtags and specific news.
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So one internet misconception I come across all the time is people assume that you can't use Twitter if you don't have a Twitter account. This kind of makes sense because there are a lot of sites out there that you have to have an account. You have to logon before use them at all.

But that's not true with Twitter. Twitter is very important, of course. There's a lot of news. There's a lot of good information on there and you don't need to use an account or if you have one you don't need to logon to it to use Twitter.

So, I've just gone to here and of course it has signup, log in, its got a log in to my account here. But I just ignore all that and start using Twitter. I could look at the content they have here on the main page. I can go to different categories and most importantly I can search.

Say you wanted to look at somebody's Twitter feed. You can, say look at mine, I can type in my Twitter handle there and you can see it comes up with me there in the results. I can go right to my Twitter feed. I'm still not logged in. You can see it's asking me to log in here. But you can look at my Twitter feed right there.

You can do this with anybody's Twitter feed. Celebrity, politician, an organization that you want to follow. If somebody tells you to check a Twitter feed for some information you can do it. As a matter of fact if you look here at and then the actual letters of the Twitter feed. It's pretty easy to do. Another example may be if somebody tells you did you know you can get information about what the Mars Curiosity rover is doing by going to Twitter. The handle for that is Mars Curiosity and you go there and you can follow the Mars Curiosity rover very easily on Twitter just by going there. You can Bookmark this page and go to it whenever you want to see updates.

How about hashtags? So you may have heard of hashtags.
When people send out tweets they can add a hashtag to say that their tweet is about a certain topic. For instance, say if you're interested in what's going on at the South By Southwest Conference there, of course, a South By Southwest hashtag there. I can search for people who have posted using that hashtag. It comes up with top news but I could switch here to View All and anybody that included that hashtag there is now going to be included in this list.

I have also found that Twitter is very useful for up to the minute news updates when something is going on. So, for instance, say if here in Colorado it's common to get wildfires. So if you wanted to go and maybe see what was going on with some wildfires, maybe you see some smoke off in the distance, you can search for Colorado wildfires and get information from various different sources and even individual people about things going on.

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    Jerry Naples
    2 years ago

    Another great video. I don’t have, don’t want a twitter account but didnt know that I could see that universe


    Ed Nowicki
    2 years ago

    Can I establish a twitter account without having a cell phone? I’d like to use my notebook computer. BTW, great info on MacMost!!!

    2 years ago

    Ed: You don’t need a cell phone to create a Twitter account. Try it.

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