MacMost Now 412: What is HTML5?

If you have been hearing the term HTML5 and wondering what it really means, then watch to find out.

Video Transcript
Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode, let's take a look at HTML5. So what is HTML5? HTML5 is a set of standards. Standards are used to develop web pages. This way all the developer's can use the same code behind their web pages and they will work in all browsers that support those standards. We currently use HTML4. HTML5 will be the next version of the standards and supports some new features. Most notably are two new tags: video and audio. Now these allow you to embed video and audio into your web pages. Now, of course, you can already do that. But usually you have to do something else. A lot of web pages use Flash, for instance for their video. And the different plugins for embedding other types of video and audio as well. The idea behind the video tag means that the developer can click the video directly on the web page and know that all the browsers that follow specification will be able to playback certain types of video without adding anything additional like Flash. So there are also some other new features. For instance, GeoLocation, which is the ability of web page to know you are located based on GPS data or WiFi data on your computer. So a web page can already know what area you're in if you're doing a search for a local store, for instance. Also, there's offline storage of some applications and data. So for instance, if you are looking through your old email, you might be able to continue to look through your old email even if you're disconnected from the internet. Another thing is drag and drop. So drag and drop is the ability to move objects around on the screen, perhaps in an interactive application. And also a 2D drawing camera, so you can have the page directly draw things on the screen. Now, these are already available if you have Safari 5, so it's just a matter of websites that are starting to use this. Another thing you can be looking forward to in the future include new form options, so now you know when you go to select a date in a form, for instance, and a new column comes up, it's different for every site that you go to. Well HTML5 is sort of a universal calendar picker and also a picker for other things, maybe type in phone numbers, be able to type in a range of numbers, sliders, and things like that. That will all be in HTML5 and some of that is supported by Safari now, a little, not all of it. In addition to that, it will also mean document ... which means the protection on the screen that you can edit right there on the screen without using a special code. So, for instance, if you're involved with Wiki and you wanna edit, now you don't have to go to a separate page to edit and document. With HTML5 they made it possible to edit it there right there in place. So the question is, does this completely replace Flash? Well Flash will still do several things that HTML5 cannot. One thing that Flash does is very high level vector-base animation and graphics. So HTML5 will be able to do some of that, but not at the level Flash does. And also, Flash can do these very quick, complex programs, like games that HTML5 can do at some level but not quite up to the level that Flash can already do them. So still expect some high level things to be done in Flash. So what do you need to do? Well, nothing. Safari 5 supports a lot of HTML5 already and it will support more in the future. So it's just a matter of waiting for web pages to start using all of this stuff. In addition, if you use Google Chrome, that's also based on the same code that Safari's based on and Firefox, while a different type of browser, also supports a lot of HTML5. The one browser that's lagging of course, is Internet Explorer, but as soon as a new version on Internet Explorer comes out that supports all of this stuff, then you'll start to see web developers start to use it a lot and you see all these features start to appear on your favorite websites. So I hope you liked this look at HMTL5. Until next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    6/18/10 @ 10:06 am

    Get a wind proof mic!!!!!

      6/18/10 @ 10:13 am


        6/24/10 @ 11:32 am

        Gary… I’m partly deaf. I cannot hear you over the wind. Please don’t go outside again. :-)

    6/18/10 @ 11:35 am

    when is iphone 3gs going to fix the problem w/ adobe? some web pages will load, but not the one w/ more adobe?


    Dusty Glassman
    6/18/10 @ 4:15 pm

    So field production in not as easy as one may think…
    I will send the link to some of my client that think they spend too much for lighting and sound dept..
    Maybe you can do an episode on looping or ADR. ; )

    6/19/10 @ 3:41 am

    Hi Gary,

    I always like your MacMost Now videos, but this time the sound quality is really poor!


    Sam Anderson
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    Randall G
    6/20/10 @ 12:43 am

    Hi Gary, enjoy the podcast but the audio quality wasn’t too flash due to the wind on this one. Why did you do an outside show? I was expecting to hear you say why you had departed from the usual look of the podcast.

      6/20/10 @ 9:39 am

      What not? Don’t like variety? Sorry about the wind. That was unforeseen.

    Eden Blanchard
    6/22/10 @ 11:55 pm

    Your podcast is fantastic. As a former pc developer, I have really struggled with my Mac, and your podcast has really helped me to make the transition. I got a kick out of this podcast though….You have to love the Staplewind!

    6/23/10 @ 3:15 am

    Can you do this one again?? Without the wind?

    6/24/10 @ 11:19 am

    This is an important video and should be redone. I don’t know who’s idea it was to do this outside but they should be taken behind the barn and taken care of…. You couldn’t hear most of it for the wind. Please redo this INSIDE so that we can hear what you are saying and PLEASE don’t do this again……

    Bill Locke
    6/24/10 @ 3:02 pm

    Dear Gary,

    What in the world got into you? … making your video in such windy location!
    Your videos are generally very instructive and good … in a silent environment. You need to redo this one. Sorry.

    6/24/10 @ 6:53 pm

    Loved the idea of doing it outside, though a wind proof mic is a must in order to do these sort of things. I think you should redo it outside, but taking the wind into account.

    6/24/10 @ 7:59 pm

    Ohh Gary! That wind is too much!
    But lovely background! I didn’t know you live in the country! You seem like a big city dude :-)

      6/25/10 @ 8:30 am

      I do live in the city. That’s a city park. Just a good angle to show only the park and the mountains in the distance. You can’t see the tall buildings which are hidden by the angle.

    6/27/10 @ 10:28 pm

    Thanks Gary! Very informative to get a feel for the direction and capabilities of this important standard. It will be interesting to see the web developer take advantage. And thanks for the refreshing outdoors segment!

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