What Is My IP Address?

Sometimes it is useful to know what IP address you appear to have to the outside world. For instance, to use Leopard screen sharing, you usually need to know the IP address of the machine you wish to connect to. Or, someone may restrict access to a Web site or file sharing service to only a small list of IP addresses, and you need to tell them your IP in order from them to add you to the list.
You can sometimes find this by going to your System Preferences, Network settings and looking at your status. But it may show you the IP address on your local network, which may start with a 10.0 or a 192.168. This won’t help a computer from the outside world know where you are.
But when you surf the Web, every Web server and page knows what IP address you have. So all you need to do is go to a Web page like this one, and it will tell you:
Your IP Address is:

You can bookmark this page to use in situations where you need to quickly figure out your IP address.