What To Expect From Apple’s September 12 Event

Another fall Apple event is almost upon us, but this time the experts aren’t too sure what we will hear. It is probable that the only new hardware at this event will be new iPhones. There may be an update to the Apple Watch as well. But don’t expect to hear anything about new Macs. Apple announced and released many new Mac models this year already, including the iMac Pro which should be coming at the end of the year.

The consensus seems to be that we’ll get updates to the current iPhone 7 models, possibly an iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus. These will most likely look the same, but have faster processors and maybe a few other internal changes.

In addition, just about every rumor site seems to think there will be a new iPhone model introduced, possibly shipping later in the year. This model would feature an OLED display that uses less battery power. It could also look significantly different, with an edge-to-edge screen giving a screen size close to the iPhone 7 plus, but in a body size close to the iPhone 7.

Some are predicting that there won’t be a Home button at all on this new model. That seems impossible unless you have ever experienced an iPhone with a broken Home button. You learn some gestures or turn on some Accessibility controls and find that you can get along fine. To replace the Home button, there were rumors of an under-the-screen Touch ID sensor, or maybe a front-facing infrared camera for facial recognition.

Wireless charging is again rumored. This is a feature I’m not thrilled about. It sounds good until you realize you still need to plug in a charing pad, which uses a wire, and is larger than the current charger and cable. And using your iPhone while it is charging becomes almost impossible. But since both wired and wireless charging options will probably be available, then it is fine. If you want it, you buy the optional charging pad. If not, just ignore it.

But what will they call the new iPhone? Here’s what I’ve heard as possibilities: iPhone 8, iPhone Pro, iPhone Edition, iPhone 10, or the iPhone X.

What would be my dream iPhone, within reason? How about this: 5.0-inch body with edge-to-edge OLED screen, under-the-screen Touch ID, two Lightning connectors and camera upgrades. And since this is a “pro” model, why not make it a tiny bit thicker to house a larger battery. Combined with OLED and a new processor, you could double the battery life. Nice dream, right?

The one thing we know for sure is the event will be the first chance for Apple to show off its new headquarters. It will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater on the new campus. Expect a lot of the reporting to be about the campus in addition to whatever new devices are announced. It will also be streamed live at the Apple website and on Apple TV.

What do you think we’ll get on the 12th? What would be your dream iPhone?