WWDC 2008 Keynote: iPhone 2.0, MobileMe, New iPhone 3G

Live Updates, local San Francisco times:
10:05 — Steve Jobs takes the stage as the keynote speaker. Al Gore is in the audience (Apple board member).
10:08 — Announced that the new version of Mac OS X will be called “Snow Leopard.”
10:10 — Talking about iPhone 2.0, starting with the success of the SDK beta program.
10:10-10:25 — Talk about the SDK, similar to what was presented 3 months ago about how the SDK works.
10:27 — Sega to demonstrate Super Monkey Ball, updated with full features. Will be available at launch of iPhone App Store for $9.99.
10:30 — Ebay to demonstrate iPhone app.
10:32 — Loopt is demonstrating using a location-based social network app.
10:35 — TypePad demonstrating blogging application. App will be available for free from the App Store at launch.
10:37 — Associated Press application.
10:40 — Pangea Software, demonstrating two Mac port games: Enigma and CroMag Rally. $9.99 each.
10:44 — Mark Terry is showing an app named “Band” which turns the iPhone into a musical instrument.
10:47 — MLB.com (Major League Baseball) demonstrates “At Bat” — live game box scores and stats.
10:50 — Modality with medical software that helps med students learn.
11:52 — More medical application software from Mimvista.
11:56 — Digital Legends entertainment shows a fantasy adventure game, Krull. Ready by September.
12:01 — Announced “push” notification ability for applications as a substitute for running processes in the background. So after an application is quit, the user can still get push messages and sounds sent to their iPhone. It will be a unified service for all developers. Available in September, seeded to developers earlier.
11:03 — Jobs back, announcing new features for iPhone: Contact search. iWork document support, including keynote. MS PowerPoint too. Bulk delete of messages. Save email images to photo library. Scientific calculator. Parental controls. More languages. Character drawing for asian languages.
11:07 — iPhone 2.0 available in July. Free for iPhone users. $10 for iPod Touch users.
11:08 — iPhone App Store. Free apps are free. Pay apps give 70% to developer. Available wirelessly in more countries. Apps less than 10MB can be downloaded through mobile networks. Others through WiFi.
11:10 — Enterprise developers can distribute apps to only their users by authorizing iPhones in their enterprise to run those apps. Distribution can be internal to their organization.
11:11 — Can also use ad hoc distribution to distribute apps to 100 iPhones. Used for college classes.
11:12 — Mobile Me: brand new service through Apple. MS Exchange for the rest of us. Push information up and down to all devices. Will use me.com for Web-based client, Mac and PC. Uses iCal, Mail and Address Book too. Works with iDisk too. Anything updated/added on one device will update on all devices instantly.
11:26 — 60 day free tried for MobileMe. MobileMe replaces .Mac service. All .Mac services still there. All .Mac users automatically updated to MobileMe. Early July.
12:27 — Jobs talking about iPhone. Sold 6 million iPhone before running out.
12:29 — 3G network, enterprise support, 3rd-party application support, more countries, more affordable.
12:30 — iPhone 3G. Plastic back, flush headphone, jack, improved audio.
12:32 — Faster data downloads. Jobs demonstrates 3G speed vs. old iPhone and N95.
12:35 — Battery times: stand-by time: 300 hours, 2G talk time: 10 hours, 3G talk time: 5 hours, 3G browsing: 5-6 hours, video: 7 hours, audio 24 hours.
12:37 — GPS. Will be able to track as you move on a map.
12:39 — Countries: 25 as goal: Mexico, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, 29 in Europe, 15 in South America, 8 in Asia/Australia. 70 counties in next few months.
12:43– Price: $199 for 8GB, $299 for 16GB. White version available too.
12:45 — Rollout on July 11 in 22 countries.