10 Things You Should Know About Naming Files on a Mac

How long can Mac filenames be? What characters can you use and which should you avoid? What about if you want to use the files on other systems too? How can you get numbered or dated files to sort properly?

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    1 year ago

    Gary: might be worth mentioning that when downloading from a website, for example an image or file, the file name often includes underscores and other modifiers, as it recently happened to me. Nothing wrong with that other than you may need to rename those files if the sorting in Finder is being affected in a way that doesn't fit your filing preferences.

    Brian Slack
    1 year ago

    Another great video, wow learn something everyday.

    1 year ago

    This info was great! I happen to be in the process of cleaning up my digital files and trying to stick to some kind of organization and naming convention, thanks!

    Harrison Bolter
    5 months ago

    Very clear, concise, and helpful! Having been indoctrinated in DOS, I still find myself restricting filenames unnecessarily! And this is after using Macs (and loving them) for some time!

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