10 Ways To Use Mac Finder Aliases

Mac Finder Aliases, also known as Shortcuts, allow you to access a file or folder from a different location. There are a variety of useful and creative ways to use aliases.

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    Malcolm James
    4 months ago

    What’s the difference between aliases and symbolic links?

    4 months ago

    Malcolm: They are completely different things that serve similar purposes. Aliases are part of the macOS Finder and you create them in the Finder. They will follow as the file moves, among other things. Symbolic links are at the system level and you create those in the CLI of the Terminal. They won’t follow as things change. Most Mac users would use aliases and never even need to know what a symbolic link is. But if you work with a CLI in Terminal you may need to use symbolic links for things, I suppose.

    3 months ago

    Great post! I always wondered what aliases were used for, but never took time to think it through. Thanks for doing that for the rest of us.

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