Book: 101 Mac Tips: OS X & Safari

This short book includes 101 tips, tricks and techniques for using your Mac from the producer and host of

If you know the basics, but are looking to learn how to work more efficiently on your Mac, then this is the book for you. Learn 101 tips for using OS X and Safari that will save you time and effort. Then impress your friends with your ninja-like Mac skills.

The tips are broken up into 9 sections, including: Using Apps, Files and Folders, Shortcuts, Reading and Writing, Using Preview, Using Safari and more. Each tip includes an extra bonus related tip, so it is actually accurate to say the book has 202 tips in total.

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    Table of Contents

    Section 1 — Getting Started
    Accessing Context Menus
    Print Anything As a PDF
    Taking Screen Shots
    Section 2 — Using Apps
    Find An App To Open a Document
    Force Quit Apps
    Customize Toolbars
    Use the Application Switcher
    Add An Application Launcher To Your Dock
    Learn About Software Updates
    Hide Purchases In the App Store
    Organize Launchpad Apps Into Folders
    Speed Up Launchpad Launching
    Delete Apps, Reinstall Later
    The Close Button Knows
    View Applications By Category
    Full Screen or Full Screen?
    Section 3 — Files and Folders
    Batch Rename Files
    Compress Files To Save Space and Simplify Searches
    The Finder’s Inspector
    Access Your Library Folder
    Save As… Is Still There
    Delete Immediately
    View File and Folder Sizes
    Larger Desktop Icons and Other Options
    Show Filename Extensions
    Duplicate Files With Incrementing Filenames
    Use Emoji Characters In File and Folder Names
    Copy and Move Files With Keyboard Shortcuts
    Access File Paths In Finder Windows
    Put Back the Trash
    Folder Background Pictures
    Search To Open
    Resize and Rearrange Columns In List View
    Column View Previews
    Add Apps, Files and Folders To the Finder Toolbar
    Custom Folder Icons
    Finder Tabs
    Deselect Items In a Group
    Always Use the Advanced File Save Dialog
    Section 4 — System Settings
    Customize Spotlight Search Results
    Hide the Dock and the Menu Bar
    Change Audio Devices From the Menu Bar
    Adjust Volume In Smaller Increments and With Feedback
    Stop Photos and iTunes From Starting Automatically
    Show a Message On the Login Screen
    Time Announcements
    Access System Preferences With F-Keys
    Finding System Preferences
    Customize System Preferences
    Add Handy Notification Center Widgets
    Put Your Mac On a Schedule
    Section 5 — Shortcuts
    Find Any Menu Item Using Help
    Switching Between Windows With a Keyboard Shortcut
    Hot Corners
    Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts
    Jump To a Document From the Dock
    Section 6 — Reading and Writing
    Quick Access To Your Mac’s Dictionary
    Easily Type Emoji and Special Characters
    Move, Select and Delete Faster
    Quick, Single-Word Translations
    Disable the Caps Lock Key
    Text Replacement
    Text Transformations
    QuickType Words You Don’t Know How To Spell
    Have Your Mac Summarize Articles
    Paste Text Without Styles or Formatting
    Section 7 — Using Preview
    Image Magnifying Glass
    Crop PDFs With Preview
    Merge Two PDFs Into One
    Cut Out People and Objects In Photos With Preview
    Create a Top-Secret Encrypted PDF
    Section 8 — Using Safari
    Safari Tabs
    Open a Set of Web Pages In Tabs
    Search Results SnapBack
    Search Your Browser History
    View Full URLs In Safari
    Search Inside a Webpage
    Pause and Resume Downloads
    Mess Around With Safari’s Develop Menu
    Follow News In Safari With RSS Feeds
    Quick Access To Sites With Pinned Tabs
    Control Web Page Plugin Content
    Use Reader View To Focus On an Article
    Search Within a Single Site
    Private Browsing For Unbiased Results
    Drag and Drop to Upload Files
    Resize Text Areas
    One Small Setting Change To Improve Security
    Control Safari Website Notifications
    Mute Tabs In Safari
    Private Browsing For Multiple Logins
    Section 9 — Miscellany
    Use a Solid Color As a Desktop Background
    Use Spotlight As a Calculator
    Scientific and Programmer Calculators
    Watch Videos at a Faster Pace
    Two Ways To Convert Currencies
    Swap Left and Right Speakers
    Windows Resizing Tricks
    Click With Pixel-Perfect Precision
    Talk To Your Mac
    Let Your Mac Talk To You

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