13 Major Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Probably Aren't Using

While most Mac users are familiar with some keyboard shortcuts, there are some simple two-key shortcuts that many do not use that are useful in apps like Safari, the Finder and text editors. Improve your productivity today by learning some new ones.

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    David A.
    3 years ago

    Gary – First off, you are doing a great service for Mac newbies. I subscribed to your YouTube channel because I often learn one or two things per episode (I'm a 30-year Mac user).

    I was hoping to avoid minutes of watching by visiting your website and scanning for tips. I think you would agree that trying to scan the word-for-word transcript is laborious at best. My comment is not meant to diminish your efforts; I just wanted to leave some feedback. Bullets would be nice :-)

    3 years ago

    Thank you for putting together this invaluable resource.

    3 years ago

    I use Cmd+W constantly, in fact I assigned it to the number keypad CLEAR button, since I don't really use that button for anything else. Firefox and many other apps use control+tab to switch between opened tabs or windows within an app (e.g., Adobe InDesign and Photoshop). Neither Word or the Adobe apps use the cmd+t, cmd+e, or cmd+j to bring up the text/font menu or search a text document. However, they do use cmd+g to go to the next find. I just mention these because they are rather popular.

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