17 Google Search Techniques You Need To Master

Here are some techniques you can use when searching the web with Google. You can specify one or more sites to search, or exclude sites, terms and more. You can add date ranges, use boolean operators and even a special advanced search page.

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    wei chong
    2 years ago

    Superbly useful, clear and encompassing.

    Jerry Morris
    2 years ago

    When performing an image search the choices are, Any size, Large, Medium, Icon. Is there a way to designate a size greater than X? Google removed this option some time back.

    2 years ago

    Jerry: Use the Advanced Image Search I show at the end of this tutorial and you can.

    2 years ago

    Gary! You have just increased the world's productivity exponentially ... thanks for your awesome site! 👍❤️

    Gazza DownUnder
    2 years ago

    These tips also work in the search engine DuckDuckGo (on macOS and iPhone and iPad) etc.
    Switch to DuckDuckGo in the Safari Preferences, Search options on each device.

    Andrew Hatheway
    2 years ago

    Any chance you have a cheat sheet with all of these techniques? Would be beneficial to have it handy until they become routine for me.

    2 years ago

    Andrew: You can maybe take the transcript above and copy and paste it to a document, edit it to your liking to create your own cheat sheet.

    Rick Grossman
    2 years ago

    The site:.EDU or site:.gov. So much info on the web is garbage copied from another site. I have been looking at getting rid of rats in a community garden. Tons of untested methods on the web that don't work. But adding edu, I found out about one of the newest experimental techniques--dry ice. I was skeptical as so many sites told me to sprinkle dandruff that was collected on the full moon..... :)

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