24 Hidden New iPhone Features In iOS 16

Here are some small new features of iOS 16 for the iPhone that you may not have discovered yet.

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    Justin Ross
    2 years ago

    Funny. I have Watch 9.0 but do NOT see the Apple Watch Mirroring option. It goes Side Button, Control Nearby Devices. Looks nothing like your screen. Hmmmm.

    2 years ago

    Great video - very helpful- thanks Gary

    2 years ago

    Justin: Perhaps your Watch is too old to be compatible with this feature?

    2 years ago

    Apple Watch mirroring requires Apple watch series 6 or newer. I have series 5 and it doesn't work for me either

    James Ford
    2 years ago

    The Apple Watch Mirroring option is only available for Apple Watch 6 and above. Below is a link to the IOS 9 Apple Watch User Guide.


    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary. Very useful tutorial. One of my favourite new features is the "rain starts/ends in xx minutes" feature from the weather app. It seems quite accurate and appears on my 'phone and my watch. Regards Michael

    2 years ago

    Gary as always, thanks!!! I learned at least five or more new features from you. Like Michael, the rain notification is so useful, but even something like the haptic touch is as well, as I constantly find myself retapping keys or the wrong keys, so maybe this will help me have a better sense of touch on the keyboard.

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