3 Ways To Customize the Modifier Keys On a Mac

You can change how the Command, Control, Shift, Option and FN keys work on your Mac. If you need, you can remap one to the other. You can also assign special functions to left or right versions of the keys if you only need one. The third-party app Karabiner allows you to remap any key on your keyboard to any other key and some special functions.

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    stephen bamforth
    3 years ago

    Hi, what is the easiest way to allocate an email address to a key? Thanks

    Thomas Cotton
    3 years ago

    I activated Karabiner-EventViewer and its companion. It is locked in launch pad and I cannot unlock it with command info. How do I get rid of this application since I have decided not to use it.

    Alex Rosental MsChE
    3 years ago

    Hi Gary, after years of frustrated attempts I cannot figure out how to customize a short access to a drop down menu action that is not in the system preferences keyboard modifiers list. e.g. hIlite and edit text say in pages to "lo-hi caps and capitalize". There are many others I would be interested if possible

    3 years ago

    Alex: Not sure what you are trying to do? What is "lo-hi caps?" If you just want to make a custom keyboard shortcut, I have a tutorial on that here: https://macmost.com/create-your-own-custom-mac-keyboard-shortcuts.html

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