4 Ways To Present From Mac Keynote Over Zoom

Showing a Keynote presentation over Zoom can easily become a mess with the audience seeing your document window and other things on your screen. You can use Zoom's ability to share a window and Keynote's new ability to present in a window to simplify things. But the best way to present is to use Keynote Live and let Zoom handle the video and audio while Keynote Live shows the presentation. To get the discount on the course, use the coupon code "keynote863" before it expires on August 28, 2020. https://courses.macmost.com/courses/keynote/?cc=keynote863

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    Bruce M
    4 weeks ago

    Good pointers. We enjoy your video. You didn’t mention another way. Export to HTML. Is were is a reason that wasn’t mentioned?

    4 weeks ago

    Bruce: How would you use HTML? It would be the same as just presenting normally, but from your browser instead of Keynote.

    Harold Wood, Jr.
    3 weeks ago

    For me an even better way is simply to use an iPad or iPhone as a Keynote remote to control the Keynote in “play in window” mode. That way I see all my presenter notes on my iPad but the zoom participants see only the main zoom window shared from my Mac it it is almost the same way as when you are using a digital projector.

    Gary Bau
    3 weeks ago

    Just use KN from the iCloud,
    play that in a browser
    Can still use remote

    Jim Goddard
    3 weeks ago

    Very helpful explanation of keynote on zoom.

    3 days ago

    Hi Gary: Great tutorial. I have an issue that I see others online are mentioning and I could use your help for a presentation this week. Keynote Live. When I am in it, I do have Allow Mission Control/Dashboard selected in Preferences, however, when I select the X key, my presentation goes black and I have no Presenter Notes or dashboard at all. I have quit Keynote, restarted the Mac, and even tried other Keynote presentations and they all have the same result. Please help!

    1 day ago

    Eric: Not sure. Maybe a bug?

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