A Beginner’s Guide to Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are new to Mac you may not yet be taking full advantage of keyboard shortcuts. You can find almost all shortcuts by simply looking at the command in the menu bar. There are symbols that you will find in the menu bar that map to the Shift, Control, Option and Command keys on the Mac keyboard. You can also find shortcuts in System Preferences, and even assign your own to menu commands that have no shortcut. One difficulty that Windows users often have is that the Control key is used as the primary modifier key in Windows, while the Command key is the equivalent on the Mac.

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    Robert Burnett
    6 years ago

    Gary, one shortcut I would appreciate, the ability to move between favourites in Finder. i.e. music to movies. Despite asking Apple Store staff, no positive replies. Can you help please.

    6 years ago

    Robert: I can't think of a way to do that, sorry. The problem is that the list doesn't have a "selection" so going to next or previous doesn't make sense. I think clicking on them in the sidebar is as convenient as it is going to get.

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