A Beginner’s Guide to Previewing Files On Your Mac

You can easily preview the contents of a file before opening it. Take a look at four methods of previewing files such as images, PDFs or text documents. You can enlarge Finder icons to use as previews, look at the preview pane in column view, use cover flow view, or use the handy Quick Look function on your Mac.

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    Ronald Boudreau
    7 years ago

    Saw one of the example files you opened in preview was what appeared to be a shortcuts PDF. Is this something you have available on your site? Had a quick look and didn't see it. :)

    7 years ago

    Comment translated automatically.
    Although I do not know English, I find your videos very interesting. I always learn something.
    Thank you

    6 years ago

    List View also has Preview. Go to the View Menu and select "Show Preview." It came in with either Sierra or High Sierra.

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