A Beginner’s Guide to the Mac Maps App

The Maps app is a handy way to find a location, get directions, or view satellite imagery on your Mac. You can see traffic conditions and look at a 3D view of buildings and terrain. This can be a tool for finding places or getting directions, or an educational or exploratory tool for learning more about the world.

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    Cynthia Hi;z;ey
    6 years ago

    I found the lesson very useful. I understand using the maps much better. Thank you:-)

    6 years ago

    One of the fun things about Apple Maps is the Fly Over Tour on several large cities. Try London, England and click on the "I" in a circle and then choose Flyover Tour.

    Jeffrey Widen
    6 years ago

    Great introductory Mac presentation. I would love to have you expand the subject matter. There's so much to learn to become efficient in using the Maps App. Thanks, Jeff

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