MacMost: Maps

Maps App New Features In macOS Monterey
The Maps app has a variety of new features and looks better than ever in macOS Monterey and iOS 15.
10 Things You May Not Know You Can Do In Mac Maps
Check out some features of the Maps app on your Mac that you may not know about.
How To Use And Create Apple Maps Guides
You can access premade guides in Apple Maps with lists of interesting places near a city. You can also build your own lists and share them with people, even if they aren't using Apple products.
Creating Maps On Your Mac To Use In Mail, Pages, Keynote or iMovie
You can use the Maps app on your Mac for more than just finding locations and getting directions. You can create maps to be used in other apps as well. You can export a map into Preview and then annotate it to send in an email or message. You can copy and paste or export a map to use in Pages documents, Keynote presentations and iMovie video projects. You can also export satellite and 3D views.
A Beginner's Guide to the Mac Maps App
The Maps app is a handy way to find a location, get directions, or view satellite imagery on your Mac. You can see traffic conditions and look at a 3D view of buildings and terrain. This can be a tool for finding places or getting directions, or an educational or exploratory tool for learning more about the world.
iOS 11 Indoor Maps
A new feature in iOS 11 is the ability to zoom in on malls and airports and see inside with accurate maps of interior locations. This can be handy for navigating indoors in these crowded and often confusing places. However, indoor maps are only available for a handful of locations at the moment, with more coming soon.
Copying Maps Images To Keynote and Pages
You can copy and paste to export images from the Maps app into other apps such as Keynote and Pages. You can use this to easily add maps and satellite views to your presentations and documents.
View Transit Routes With Maps
In addition to getting transit directions in Apple Maps on your Mac and iOS devices, you can also simply view transit routes. Turning on the Transit mode will show you major routes like light rail and subways. You can also zoom in to see bus stops and then view an entire bus route.
Use Latitude and Longitude With Mac Maps
You can use actual latitude and longitude numbers with the Maps app on your Mac. You can get these numbers for a location in two different ways. You can also put these numbers into the search field to go right to a specific location.
Share Maps Directions and Locations From Mac to iPhone
You can get directions using the Maps app on your Mac, and then send those directions to your iPhone. You an also set points or create favorite locations one one devices and then share it with the other.
Getting Transit Directions On Your Mac
With the Maps app in El Capitan you can now search for transit directions. If this is available in your city, you'll be able to see how to get from one point to another using public transportation. You can specify the start time or arrival time and often can choose between many options. You can share these directions with your mobile device or print them. You can also simply view transit lines without setting start and end points.

You probably knew that you could use the Maps app in Mavericks to get directions. And likewise with the Maps app on your iPhone. But you can also figure out a route on your Mac and then send it to your iPhone. After getting Directions, choose File, Share and you should see your iPhone in the list as long as you are logged into the same iCloud account. Then on your iPhone, tap the Directions button at the upper left and you will see the route in the list.