MacMost Now 18: A Look at the Keychain

Gary Rosenzweig shows the Keychain access application and how you can control which passwords are stored and how.

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    16 years ago

    A very basic but very cool tip!
    It's so easy to forget about Keychains, thanks for the reminder.

    11 years ago

    grr.. I am pretty illiterate on my computer....grrr...why will my keychain not remember my password for my least once a day I have to enter my password, click (remember)..then I access my mail but another time I have to do it again...

      11 years ago

      Probably has nothing to do with Keychain or even the password. Email servers usually return a generic "wrong password" error when you cannot connect to them. So it is probably an issue with your email server, or your Internet connection.

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