Access Your iCloud Drive Files On the Web

By using you can access your iCloud Drive files from any computer. Some files, like Pages, Numbers and Keynote can even be edited and updated right in the web browser with web-based versions of those apps. Other apps allow you to store finished versions of projects, such as iMovie videos, and access them from Using the interface, you can rename or delete files from your iCloud Drive folders.

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    Bill Braun
    9 years ago

    I have been trying to use iCloud drive to work on a Word document in my office and at home. It does not sync things up correctly. When I work at school and save, that version is not available at home. I am trying to open and save directly to iCloud, but it is not working as it does with Dropbox or Google Drive. I have checked all my settings and am sure that everything is correct. It does sync things that are Apple based like pages or textedit, but now the Word docs. Any ideas?

      9 years ago

      If you are saving to the iCloud drive folder, or one you created in there, then it doesn't care what type of file it is. It could be Word, or Photoshop, or anything. It doesn't do anything special with Word files.
      What do you mean by "that version is not available?" So the file is there, but something is different about the document?
      Keep in mind that when you save a file it first saves to the local drive. Then it syncs to iCloud, then your computer at home gets it. So "save directly to iCloud" isn't really what is happening. Same with Dropbox or Google Drive. It is possible that if you save your file and then immediately shut down the computer that you are not giving it enough time to sync to iCloud.

    9 years ago

    I back up my system (Yosemite) to an external hard drive. I'd like to save my 5,000 photos onto I-Cloud but do NOT want them to sync with my I-Phone. Is this possible?

      9 years ago

      I would wait until Apples new Photos app comes out because iCloud integration is a major part of that.

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