MacMost Now 794: Accessories For a New Mac

When purchasing a new Mac, you may want to pick up some accessories to go along with it. Which accessories you pick depends on your needs. A Time Machine hard drive is a must. Some people may want a printer, while other may want a scanner to go paperless. You may want to consider a network router, UPS or MacBook case as well. A set of EarPods can come in handy as a small headset for those that record audio or video or use FaceTime often.

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    Mr Anthony Cotton
    11 years ago

    I found it very useful. I have a printer,and i think i have only used it to print out my Grandson`s wrestling pictures. I was thinking of getting a new Scanner just like the one you showed,but their is a saying if it`s not broke don`t fix it..
    The most annoying thing is the Mouse,and i don`t know if it`s becoming coming obsolete. I find these Bluetooth Mouse a pain in the neck,because they keep on loosing connection. I have an old wired mouse standing by for this. Do you still use a Mouse at all Gary

      11 years ago

      I use the Magic Trackpad. It is bluetooth too, but I never lose the connection.

    Ilan Aisic
    11 years ago

    The Earpods are even more useful because the mic is also multi-button that may be used to pause-continue increase and decrease. I find it very useful to watch videos and movies without disturbing other people.

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