Apple Launches New Second-Generation AirPods

New AirPods with Wireless charing case

Seems that Apple has planned all along to release new products each day this week ahead of next week’s “It’s show time” event. This morning Apple launched the long-rumored new AirPods. They allow users to speak commands using Hey Siri instead of tapping. Battery life for phone calls is slightly better, but it is the same for audio playback.

The price for AirPods remains the same at $159, but for $40 more you can get them with a wireless charging case. This case is available separately for $79 and works with the first-generation AirPods as well.

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    Don Motrison
    8 months ago

    Have the new AirPods been tested for the hearing impaired?

    8 months ago

    Don: We won’t know for sure until people get their hands on the first ones in a few days. But I don’t see why they wouldn’t have the same Live Listen functionality as the first gen AirPods. Not sure what you mean by “tested” though.

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