Apple Music Social Profiles and Following Artists

With the latest versions of iTunes and iOS you can set up a social profile and share playlists and music your are currently listening to with your friends. You can also follow artists and special Apple Music channels to see the latest news and media from your favorite artists.
Video Transcript / Captions
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If you're an Apple music user then you've got some new functionality with the latest version of iTunes 12.7 in High Sierra and in iOS 11. This is the ability to set up a profile, kind of like a social media profile, and follow people. Let's go and take a look at setting up for the first time.

So I'm going to go here on my Mac to For You. It's the same thing in iOS 11. Under For You you're going to see this profile icon. It's right here in the upper right. You can also go to Account, Start Sharing With Friends. I'm going to do it by clicking on this icon. It's going to come up with this message here, Discover music with friends. Share My Music, See My Friend's Music, Finding Music Together.

I'm going to hit the Get Started button. Okay, so now the first thing I want to do is set up a profile. So I can choose my name, and I can choose a user name. I can also click here and I can choose an avatar icon thing. So let me go and I can Select. This one here, that's recents, use my camera, all sorts of things. When I'm satisfied with all of this I'll hit Next.

Now I can choose who can follow me. So like social media networks I can just approve people to follow me or I can say anybody can follow me. So for now let's look at just keeping it with everyone.

Now I can show off the playlists. So this is going to be pretty cool, I think. This will allow me to have a playlist and as I update it people can see this playlist I've shared and see what songs I like on this playlist. This is going to be great on the other end to be able to find people's playlists. So if I'm in the mood for a certain type of music and I search, I can find a playlist from someone that I follow. Let me just Share my playlist. I can listen to that playlist instead of the ones that Apple builds. Now I can find some friends here and follow them and you can see I've got the ability to find more friends here or I can, you know, choose one of the people that are there and invite them.

So for now let's just go to Next. Now I can get notifications when friends start following me and when the artist I'm following have new releases and such. So now that that's done I've finished editing my profile and now I've got a new For You screen here.

I can go in and there's Edit. Edit allows me to go and change a lot of those settings. What playlists I've shared, my user name, all sorts of things. There's even additional privacy settings. So right now it will show on my profile what I'm listening to. I can turn that off. I've also got this button here which allows me to share my profile and send a link to it. You can see here I've got stuff I'm listening to, the playlist that I'm sharing, and I can click on Find More Friends to go back and find more friends there on Facebook, Instagram, and other places.

So this is a little different from following artists. When you're on the artist page you can click the three dots and select Follow. Or typically by default when you add new music to your library you automatically follow that artist. You can go to Account Following and see which artists you're following. You can unfollow an artist, for instance, right here. You can also find more artists and curators here. So it will analyze your list and you can follow genres here or specific artists.

So now when you click on For You there's really three different For You screens. There's the main one which is Recommendations. You can see Recommendations underlined. Here you're going to find your new music mix, favorites mix, things that iTunes is going to automatically create for you. A different playlists. Some of these things are customized for your taste and some of these things are general, you know, released to everybody by Apple.

Now you can also switch to your profile here by clicking on your profile icon and this takes you back to this screen. Click on For You to go back to the Recommendations screen. The third screen here is Connect. Connect is going to show you posts from those artists that you are following. Maybe not directly from the artist but from their people or record companies, things like that. So you'll be able to find updates. Some artists will actually post little social media updates. Some will just post when new music is released. But it's really interesting to figure out which artist you really like by going here to Account Following and getting rid of the ones you don't want to see in that list. Then having this nice place to be able to go and look at the new posts from the artists that you like.

So there's two different ways that Apple Music gets kind of social now with the most recent version.