Apple Responds App Store Lawsuits and Criticism

Apple App Store

Apple has been feeling the pressure lately from the European Union and class-action lawsuits to open up the iOS App Store or allow alternative marketplaces for apps. In response, Apple has posted a new webpage explaining the principles behind the App Store.

The page gives details about how and why apps are reviewed. While this information is nothing new to developers, it is often not thought about by consumers. Apple also gives examples of apps in the store that directly compete with its own apps.

One interesting thing that the new webpage points out is that 84 percent of apps are free, which means Apple collects no money from the developer but still provides the platform for discovery and distribution. Often, the developer will make money from the app in different ways such as advertising, product sales or purchasing a membership outside of the App Store.

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    Rogers Leverette
    12 months ago

    Apple provides a marketplace to purchase apps made by developers and Apple. It supplies software an support for developers. I think it crass .for developers to to suggest that Apple is running a monopoly.I think Apple should tell them to build their own ecosystem or hook up with Google and quit whining.

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