Apple Takes Another Bite Out Of The Music Biz

Okay,they did the iTunes Music Festival London last year too, but that doesn’t make this years iTunes Live: London Sessions any less provocative.
London Live LogoAccording to Apple:
“Over 11 magical evenings, starting on Thursday February 21st, 2008, iTunes will host a series of unique recording sessions. More than 25 of the world’s most talented musicians — including KT Tunstall, José González, Tom Baxter, Roísín Murphy, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Spiritualized and many more — will perform solo and collaborative sets in London’s legendary AIR Studios. The performances will be recorded and sold exclusively on iTunes in March.”

By recording live performances and selling them it erases any doubt that Apple is indeed in the music biz. Hopefully, the blokes at Apple Corp. records are too busy counting their money from last years settlement. to notice this new turn of events.
BTW, looking at the artist pictures on the Website, since when did Nick Cave start sporting the sleazoid mustache?

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    7/16/08 @ 8:29 pm

    Um… I’d say Apple’s been in the music biz ever since “rip. mix. burn”…. go figure… ;)

      Osvaldo Barabas
      5/8/10 @ 4:54 am

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