MacMost Now 458: Apple TV 2 First Look

Take a look at the new Apple TV. In addition to most of the features of the original, the new device includes Netflix streaming. The new iOS is masked behind an interface just like the original. But the possibility exists for future expansion with apps.

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    Jean Brunet
    13 years ago

    Hi, can I see the whole internet with Apple TV, if not is there an alternative. Thanks.

      13 years ago

      Do you mean does Apple TV have a Web browser? No.
      As for alternative, what do you mean? You can browse the Web with a computer and hook that up to a TV. There are some devices that allow you to surf the web (The Wii, for instance). It depends on exactly what you want.

    13 years ago

    Hi. Sometimes I hook up my laptop with the TV to watch shows from like NBC online using the bigger TV as a monitor. Since I can listen to music or see photos from my mac over the (wireless) home network can I also watch this show over Apple TV?

      13 years ago

      No. Apple TV doesn't work like that. It streams media files. It doesn't currently work with any of those services.

    13 years ago

    Hi Gary, great podcasts, may I mention though, the mac start up chime is not at concert pitch, I wish it was, so when you use it with other music it's a musical car crash..... Keep up the good work. Regards. Terry.

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