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MacMost Now 922: A Look At iTunes Radio
Take a look at iTunes Radio, the new streaming music service from Apple. You can stream music based on a song, artist or genre using your Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV. You can create several stations and continue to customize them.
MacMost Now 650: iPhone and iPad AirPlay Mirroring On Your TV
You can show your iPad or iPhone screen on your television wirelessly using your Apple TV 2. You need the latest iOS device and the Apple TV 2. You can also do it with cable adapters. The result is you can see whatever is on your iOS screen on your TV.
MacMost Now 458: Apple TV 2 First Look
Take a look at the new Apple TV. In addition to most of the features of the original, the new device includes Netflix streaming. The new iOS is masked behind an interface just like the original. But the possibility exists for future expansion with apps.
MacMost Now 445: New iPods, Apple TV
Apple announced a whole new iPod line-up today, with a new Shuffle, Nano and iPod Touch. They also talked about iOS 4.1 and 4.2. A Apple TV will allow streaming video playback from other computers and Internet rentals from Apple or Netflix.