Apple’s New Podcast Web Pages

Apple has updated the way podcasts appear on the web, allowing you to preview and listen to episodes right in your web browser without needing to jump into iTunes. This could provide a nice way to listen to one episode without much fuss. It could also mean that Apple is getting ready to break up the iTunes app.
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Hi, this is Gary with Today I'm going to show you a new way that you can listen to podcasts on your Mac. You don't have to use iTunes or any third party app.

This is a change that just happened. Apple changed the way the there are preview pages for podcasts. So before you could get this preview page and would jump right to iTunes and iTunes is what you would use to listen to podcasts, subscribe to them, and all of that. But now you can actually play podcasts and individual episodes and everything right in the web browser.

Okay, so let's start off here in iTunes. So I'm going to go and look for a podcast in here. I'll look for the TEH podcast and I will go right to the page for it. Now here next to the subscribe button I can click the down arrow, Copy Link, and now I'll have a link to that podcast. I could share with somebody. Normally if they would then click on that link it would take them into iTunes. But now if they were to use that link it takes them to a page that looks like this. A show page with play buttons on it. You still have a link to go into iTunes but you've got some general things in here. Little descriptions of the episodes, a little play button next to every episode. You can play an episode right there in your browser. A little pause button and you can basically preview the podcast. Or maybe there's just one episode of this podcast that you want to listen to. You can do it right here in the web browser.

Notice the URL is So that's where the change was made at this server. Apple changed how it works. But of course you're usually not going to start off in iTunes. The whole idea is to avoid iTunes. So what happens when you search for a podcast. For instance macmost. I'll do macmost podcast iTunes. I just want to make sure I get to this iTunes link. There it is. It's the first one. This is what usually would have taken me to it in iTunes.

But now if I click on it's going to load up the webpage for it. I get all that same stuff. I get descriptions for each episode. I can browse through it. What's a little different here in this case is I don't have a Play buttons. It appears that this only works on audio podcasts. So video podcasts don't have a Play button. You still have to jump into iTunes to play it.

So this is a great thing for when you just want to hear like one episode of a podcast. You don't necessarily want to subscribe to it. Unfortunately it doesn't work on iOS. So if you use the same URLs on an iPhone or iPad it jumps into the podcast app. So this is Mac only. This maybe the first sign that Apple really is going to be breaking apart iTunes and there might be a podcast app coming to the Mac in the next version of Mac OS.

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