Basic Newsletter Layout in Pages

Learn how to use Pages for basic page layout tasks. You can place text and image elements to create projects like newsletters and sales sheets. By placing guides you can easily place items that line up. You can link text boxes together so the text flows from one to the other. You can add captions and other elements.

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    7 years ago

    I'm surprised you didn't do a full alignment in the text narrative. I'd also suggest after you do one newsletter to use File Menu> Duplicate so you have the newsletter all set up for the next issue or set your guide lines and then save as a template.

    7 years ago

    Shirley: Good ideas!

    Ruth Jessop
    7 years ago

    For me you spoke and acted much too quickly - maybe I missed something in the Pages lectures about some things

    7 years ago

    Is there no way to set up guides for the entire document instead of recreating guides on each new page?

    7 years ago

    Jean-Claude: That's right.

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