Batch Rename Multiple Files On a Mac

You can rename multiple files using the Finder's hidden Batch Rename tool. You can change matching text in all file names, or add an index number to each file's name.

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    C. Bay
    3 weeks ago

    What rename lacks: using just 1 or 2 leading zeroes (file01, file02, etc.).

    But it's easy with a second step:
    1. Rename the group with Format > Name and Index, using a start number of 100 (if you have <100 files) or 1000 (< 1000 files).
    2. Rename the same group with Replace Text using the Custom Format value from the first step plus the digit 1. (So if you had renamed to pic101, etc., now replace "pic1" with "pic".)

    You now end up with pic01, pic02, etc.

    Claudio Silvaggi
    3 weeks ago

    Awesome thanks brother!.. ❤️🙏😊

    3 weeks ago

    Wow! I wish I had known about this feature years ago !

    3 weeks ago

    I had no idea this feature existed, even after using MacOS for years. Thank you.

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