Closing Windows Vs Quitting Apps Vs Hiding Apps

If you want to get a window out of the way, you can close the window, but doing so closes the document or page without quitting the app. Quitting will get rid of all of the windows being used by that app, which will by default reappear when you launch the app again. A better option most of the time is to hide the app.

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    Ken Vignona
    4 years ago

    Gary, I do use command H often (learned it from another video from Macmost), but I also use different screens and leave the apps I use most open (three finger swipe to change). Is it better to hide the app or use multiple screens.

    4 years ago

    Ken: Using multiple desktops and Mission Control is a great way to work, yes.

    4 years ago

    Gary, on a slightly related topic, I notice in System Preferences you don't check the box "Ask to keep changes when closing documents" is that not a good practice to have it turned on?

    4 years ago

    nick: Neither good nor bad. Just a preference. I prefer to have it automatically save when I close the document.

    4 years ago

    For a few years now, I've unfortunately become paranoid towards macOS reliability in regards to Microsoft Office/M365 and Adobe Creative Cloud apps with unsaved data/sessions...all it takes is one memory leak/kernel panic, at random (as is tradition). End users who've operated macOS without a [cmd]+[s] habit, only need one data corruption catastrophe... before it becomes muscle memory

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