MacMost Now 139: Converting Video to MP3 Audio

Gary Rosenzweig looks at two ways to convert video files to mp3 audio files so you can listen to them on audio-only devices. The first method uses QuickTime Pro and iTunes. The second method uses FFMpegX.

Update: MacMost viewer Nick pointed out that you can also use GarageBand 3 to do this. Just drag and drop the video into GarageBand, delete the video track, and export as a .mp3 file.

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    15 years ago

    This did not work for me. I am not given the option to change Sound to AIFF in QuickTime Pro.
    Any suggestions?

    15 years ago

    HJJ: Are you sure you have "pro" -- are you looking in the Export dialog? What version of QT Pro and what version of Max OS X are you using?

    15 years ago

    Thanks for the great help. I tried the ffmpegx but it didn't work. I will never know why. I paid for QuickTime Pro and your directions were just right. This will definitely make my life better. I am listening to music from YouTube videos on an old CD player. Sounds funky, but it's what I wanted and you made it possible.

    I am a teacher, and I respect the detailed explanations, including the text transcription of the video.

    I will check out the other features on your Website.

    15 years ago

    Thanks a lot for the tip. It worked like a charm. Many thanks

    14 years ago

    Hi you can convert video for iPod using Macvide iPod Converter.Itā€™s prog can convert avi to mp3 etc.Try.

      kabiru muhammad
      12 years ago

      i want to you to show me paractically how to convert video to mp3 audio

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