Copy and Paste Calendar Events

If you select an event in the Mac Calendar app, you can copy it with Command+C and then paste it into any text area, like an email, word processing document or text message. You’ll get a nicely formatted version of the event with the title, scheduled time, location, notes and other information.

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    Jin Hay
    9 years ago

    This is a great addition...however, is there any work underway to making it easy
    to copy and paste contacts, like the whole contact file of a person to the calendar?
    Like, being able to get name and address onto the calendar just by copy and paste?
    Thank you....that would be a super move. And will lock out the competition.
    Make it so that the iphone and ipads can do it as well.

      9 years ago

      You can drag and drop a contact from the Contacts app to a Calendar event and it will add them as an invitee. This has the side effect of sending them a message if they are a part of the same Calendar system.
      I found that you can go into Contacts, then find the contact, then click on the "home" or "work" next to their address and a menu appears. Then "Copy Mailing Label" and paste that into your calendar event Location or Notes. You get the address, along with the name of the person.

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