Create a Slideshow With Keynote In Less Than 3 Minutes

Building a photo slideshow in Keynote is very quick and easy. You can simply drag and drop them into Keynote, add a transition and some music and then export as video. It is also easy to add text to any slide as captions.
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So let's say you want to quickly create a slideshow. You've got an album full of photos here in the Photos app. You can do it in many different ways. You can do it in Photos or with iMovie or something else. Let's use Keynote and see how fast we can create it.

I've got the pictures here. I want to export them first because it is difficult to come from Photos into Keynote. At least in bulk of this. So I'm going to select all of these. I'm going to click on the desktop and create a new folder and just name it Temp. A temporary place for the photos to be held. I'm going to drag them all from the Photos app into Temp. So drag them and drop them. Now I can quit the Photos app.

Inside the Temp folder you can see I've got copies of all the photos. Now I can go into Keynote and I'll start a Presentation. Let's go ahead and use the Photos Essay here, which makes sense. It gives me a slide where I can just type in my title and maybe my name. Whatever you want to start off at the beginning.

Now we want to add all the photos. This is the easiest part. I'm going to go here into this Finder window and I'm going to select all, Command A. I'm going to drag them all into the left side here and drop them. I'm going to basically get one slide per photo.

So I've already got a basic slide show here with one photo on each slide. I can actually play it and then click to move forward through each slide.

Now I can do even better without much effort. I can do Command A to select all of the slides here. Then I can apply an animation. So I'm going to click on Animate over here. I'm going to have an animation that starts automatically. I'm going to add an effect. Let's use Iris, say.

So now each slide has a transition between it. I can continue to go and customize things. For instance, if I wanted to add any text to a slide I just click on the slide, add some text here, and basically caption each thing. I can also add a slide at the end, if I wanted to, for the end of the whole thing. I can add some background music. Go to Document, go to Audio, and I can click on the music button there. Pick something from my collection and that would be the background music.

Now I can export it. Go to File, export to QuickTime to make a video. I'll self-playing, every slide plays for five seconds. I'll go Next. Then I'll save it to the desktop. When it's done exporting I will have a video that I can share on YouTube or share and send to friends or do with what I want.

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    2 years ago

    Thanks for this. Is there a way to change the type and size/colour of the font when you use Text?

    2 years ago

    Bill: In Keynote you can use any font/size/color/style you wish. Select the text and use the Format menu or the Text Inspector to change it.

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