Create Dictation Commands On Your Mac

You can create scripts in Automator that can then be assigned to dictation commands. Once you have set things up, you can speak the command and your computer will execute the Automator script. In this example, I show you how to instantly bring up pictures of cats whenever you need some stress relief.
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Hi, this is Gary with
On this episode I'm going to show you howto write an Automator script that will then
respond to a voice command.
First thing I'm going to do is I'm going torun Automator and create the script.
Automator allows us to create a variety ofdifferent scripts.
I'm going to hit New Document here and I'mgoing to select Dictation Command.
We're actually going to use your Mac's dictationability, not Siri to do this.
We're going to name it.
We're going to do a simple command that'sjust going to anytime I want to bring up pictures
of cats.
We're going to name it that.
That name, the command there, that's whatwe're actually going to have to speak.
We're going to enable it.
We're going to now just create a simple commandhere we're we are going to get some URLs.
So I'm going to get a URL here that will bringup a Goggle image search of some cats.
So switching to Safari here I've already gotthat page opened.
I'm going to Copy the URL here.
That actually is the full URL.
I'm going to add it here.
So you can see it adds this long URL that'sa Goggle image search.
Then I'm going to use Display what page isbelow that.
So it's going to get the URL, then it's goingto use it to display a web page.
If I were to close it and test, you can seethat it works.
Now I'm going to Save and I'm going to saveit that same name there.
It knows to put it in the right place whereit should be to be used as a dictation command.
So now I can Quit Automator and now I haveto go into System Preferences and set some
things up.
First of all I want to go into Keyboard, Dictationand make sure I've got Dictation turned on
and use Enhanced Dictation.
Then I want to go into Accessibility.
In Accessibility I want to go to Dictationin here and I want to enable Dictation keyword
phrase and just use the Default one, computer,so when I say that word it will then try to
excuse the command I want.
There's one last thing I need to do.
I need to go into Dictation Commands hereand enable Advanced Commands.
So let's say now I'm feeling a little stressedand I want instant relief from that so I can
use my command.
I'm going to put a little bit of silence beforeI speak it because otherwise it won't recognize
that I'm doing a dictation command.
Computer, show me some cats.
There you go.
Now of course you can go ahead and put allsorts of other things.
Anything Automator can do you can then attachto dictation command like this to make your
life a little easier.

Comments: 9 Responses to “Create Dictation Commands On Your Mac”

    2 years ago

    So simple – my very first use of automator and dictation. Thanks for encouraging a novice and raising a smile. Now to try it out with serious work stuff.

    Paul Robinson
    2 years ago


    What was especially impressive is how clear the instructions were. The step-by-step guide is easy to follow, you covered the extra things that one needs to make sure are on, and your speaking voice was clear, well enunciated, and at a comfortable pace! (Far too many video speakers are rushed, breathless, hard to follow, and hard to listen to! Kudos!)

    Robert B. Storch
    2 years ago

    Thank you, as always for your greats tips. Question: I created a Command to show me “xyz” URL, which works well, but when I created a 2nd URL Command to show me “123” but it did not work. Does that mean you can only have one ‘Show Me..” a URL command?

    2 years ago

    Robert: You can do as many as you like, as long as they have different names. “Show me” was just wording I picked — you can do anything like “load website” or “I want to see the site” or whatever. “show me A” and “show me B” should be fine as two different commands.

    John Melito
    2 years ago

    Great tool, fun to use! I’m like a kid in a candy store! Thanks for this Christmas present and all you do to help us novices!

    2 years ago

    Awesome! I’ve learned alot from you Gary, since I bought my first mac back in 2008 and still learn more and more everyday. Please make a donation page or a Patreon account or atleast show us a way to support you. TYVM.

    2 years ago

    Nassar: Thanks. Seriously thinking about Patreon.

    James Hanley
    2 years ago

    Hi Gary
    A great video and all seems ok. Except in my mac the accessibility feature does not show the tic box and “enable the dictation keyword phrase” So the result is I say Computer (my phrase)…but no response. So the trigger word Computer does not seem to be registering

    2 years ago

    Hi Gary- That is the most mind blowing and eye opening use of a handy app that has been sitting idle for years. Wait until my grandkids come and we play with that! THNX mn

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