Create Launchpad App Folders

While Launchpad isn't the first choice for launching apps for many Mac users, it is useful for those that want to organize and arrange their apps into groups of app folders. A well-arranged set of Launchpad screens can make working with apps easier.
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At this point Launchpad has been around for several versions of Mac OS and some people have adopted it as a way to launch apps. Other people don't use it ever. One of the more useful things that you can do with Launchpad is you can organize your apps. You can put them into folders inside of Launchpad to help you easily find the apps that you want.

I'm going to go into Launchpad here. My Launchpad is pretty disorganized. There are just apps everywhere and there's no particular order to it. The way I find things is I use Search at the top.

But if I took some time and organized things I might be able to fit all of my apps onto one screen, or at least the ones I most commonly use, and arrange them in groups and folders. You can see here there already is one call Other which has a bunch of different things in it.

But say I wanted to group things together. Like I see here are two alternative web browsers that I sometimes use but it would be nice to actually group them together and have a folder called Alternative Web Browsers.

So the way to do that is I'm going to click and hold on one of them and when everything starts to wiggle and shake I'm going to drag it onto the other to create an app folder. You can see it created an app folder. It dropped the two of them in there. Now I go into it and I can see the two. I can rearrange them. Put them in the order I want. I can also click on the name here and rename it. Then if I click outside of it I'll go back to Launchpad and there I've got the app folder there. I can drag and drop other things into it.

So I can create other folders as well. Let's group some into an office folder here. I can drag more into it. There we go. I can drag things out of it if I click and wait until it wiggles. Drag out and put it back there. I can move these around.

Of course I can drag things onto different screens as well. So I can drag this over to the right here and place it here on this screen or drag it back.

So you have all the arrangement tools you need to move things where you want them, organize them how you want, and then launching an app is just a couple clicks. Click on Launchpad; click on browsers; and click on the app I want to get there. That may be for a lot of people a lot better way to launch apps than actually having to search for them or having to just remember exactly where they are or find them out of a big alphabetical list of apps.

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    2 years ago

    I have tried (without success) to put the LaunchPad folder on the Dock.
    Is there a way?

    2 years ago

    Dave: The Launchpad icon should appear on the Dock by default. But if it isn’t there, then just drag and drop the Launchpad icon fro your Applications folder to the LEFT side of the dock.
    Or, do you mean a folder from INSIDE Launchpad? Those aren’t real folders, just groupings, so you can’t add them to the Dock. If you wanted to, you could create folders (like in Documents, and create a “My App Alias Folders” folder (or whatever), and then create named folders like “Office” (or whatever) in there. Then drag aliases (not the actual apps) into those folders. Then put those folders on the right side of the Dock.

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