Creating Custom Dictation Commands With Automator

With Yosemite can use Automator to create commands that your Mac will react to using only your voice. In this example, we create a command that responds to the command 'day of week' with the spoken day of the week. You can now use JavaScript to create Automator scripts which makes this even easier to do.

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    Tripp Frohlichstein
    9 years ago

    I love your stuff-having used a Mac for years I still learn from your videos. Thank you. That said, JavaScript is above my pay grade. (That doesn't mean you shouldn't have done this one-I am sure it will help many). :-)

    Frank Katz
    9 years ago

    Is there any place to get pre-done commands for dictation.

    Recently purchased Dragon does not work in Yosemite and I will not purchase their new version. They offer no discounts .

      9 years ago

      You can search the web to see if someone else has posted something. Search for "Yosemite dictation command" plus a description of what you need the command to do. This is fairly new, so I'm not sure if there is much out there yet.

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