Creating Regular Repeating Reminders

You can create reminders on your iPhone or Mac that will repeat on a regular schedule. Reminders can repeat hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and with all kinds of patterns such as specific days of the week or the nth day of every month.

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    3 years ago

    One consequence of an iOS reminder that repeats, especially on older versions of iOS -- You'll soon get a ton of completed reminders that can slow down the Reminders app, or make it less reliable. Solution: Clear completed reminders regularly. Gary - I think the 'clear' option is new-ish, at least to me. How about a video specifically on clearing completed reminders? Do you have any new / better info on this?

    Thomas Benson
    3 years ago

    Thanks for the lesson for using reminders. I would always use calendars but this is so much better. Thank you… Again!

    3 years ago

    DonO: Clearing them when you get them works best. But grouping them means they will still only take up one spot. Or, don't even have them in Notifications Center at all.

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