Creating Shortcuts That Accept Voice Input

When creating Shortcuts for the Mac or iOS you can use voice input easily when you trigger the Shortcut with Siri.

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    2 years ago

    That is really cool... Sure creates a whole array of options... thanks for this one brother!

    2 years ago

    Great topic! I tried to use similar to Reminder and works. The questions is, however, how can I input 2 variables in same "dictation". In example, I want to add apples to "Grocery" List, or add pencils to "School" List: The simple statement: "add apples to Grocery" or " add pencils to School" will not work. I have to specify the List (verbally), and then input the "apples". I know Siri sometimes understand when you input 2 different things ("new alert for tomorrow during lunch'). How can I?

    2 years ago

    Gustavo: You can't, not in a Shortcut.

    2 years ago

    Well, this is a bit annoying. I’d like to add an NFC tag near my thermostat that if scanned triggers a shortcut that prompts the user for “Heat, Cool, or Off” and accepts voice response. But if the tag triggers it, it would show a prompt on screen, not by voice. Apple really knows how to gum up things.

    2 years ago

    Brian: But why use an NFC tag for that at all? It would be an extra step. Just trigger the Shortcut with Siri in the first place.

    Dan Hays
    2 years ago

    Gary, nice tutorial. Excellent opportunities with this feature. I am puzzled however as I watch the video regarding the apparent kybd shortcut that you used to modify the first "ask" step to get "ask for text prompt". Can you elaborate?
    Looking forward to exploiting the capability! Thanks!

    2 years ago

    Dan: Not sure what you mean. Do you mean right at 1:29? All I do is click where it says "Prompt" and type "What Would You Like To Add?" to replace it. I don't make you wait while I type each letter individually, but that's all I am doing, typing.

    2 years ago

    Since 16.2, iPhone shortcut doesn’t take voice input to “Ask for TEXT with PROMPT” as expected. It seems to need a ‘termination’ condition as it repeats the prompt over and over in a loop. Repeating voice input eventually leads to it displaying:

    Input text >



    This same shortcut does exactly what is expected with non-Siri launch and keyboard input.

    The entire shortcut “Log Weight” is:

    Ask for Text with Num?
    Get numbers from Provided Input
    Log Health Sample

    1 year ago

    @Neil, I also had this problem.

    The upgraded to 16.3 resolved it for me on my iPhone 13

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